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What is Tower Scaffolding?

When you need to work at height, the most important equipment that you can’t avoid is tower scaffolding. Tower scaffolds offer stable and large surfaces to perform your different tasks at heights. Did you know that mobile tower scaffolds can be moved from one place to another because of their mobility feature? If you have a repaint job, small home renovation, or hedge trimming, then mobile tower scaffolds would work best. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss common features of tower scaffolding along with other aspects related to it.

What is Tower Scaffolding

Overview of Tower Scaffolding

A tower scaffold is based on wheels and a temporary structure used for different applications. It can be moved from one place to another which makes it highly useful equipment for various industries. To secure the structure, the wheels can be locked, which allows workers to complete tasks safely. The construction of tower scaffolding makes it strong and allows workers to carry heavier tools.

When to Use Mobile Tower Scaffolds?

The best thing about a mobile scaffold tower is that it has a large size and surface area. A mobile tower scaffold is useful for certain larger tasks – it offers you a solid workspace to perform work at height with ease. Apart from this, due to its enough space, more than one person can work. Scaffold towers are suitable for large jobs. Scaffold towers are useful for jobs such as bricklaying and rendering as well as roofing that’s why they are liked by professionals.

Benefits of Using Tower Scaffolding

There are various benefits of using mobile tower scaffolding, such as:

  • Stable and Versatile

Various tasks need more stability or extra space and a simple ladder may not fulfill their requirements. That’s why people choose tower scaffolding. These are versatile and offer a stable working platform. In addition to this, you can set up these scaffolds on uneven ground, making them ideal solutions for construction sites where the site may have uneven ground.

  • Enough Space

Tower scaffolds are available in different sizes, making you able to choose the right option for the requirements of your project. Instead of risking your workers’ safety, you can buy tower scaffoldings to carry different equipment. As a result, it makes completing the job much easier as you don’t need to go up and down many times to collect more tools.

  • Highly Durable

As many tower scaffolds are manufactured using aluminium, this is non-corrosive and highly durable. This makes them suitable for commercial tradesmen with a long operational lifespan. It means they can bear weather conditions which is necessary for a construction site. These portable mobile scaffolding towers are robust and can bear weight.

  • Lightweight

Mobile scaffold towers are lightweight and easy to move. It means you can easily move tower scaffolds from one place to another easily which adds further versatility, allowing workers to respond to the requirements of different projects. Additionally, scaffold towers have wheels, which allow mobile tower scaffolds to move from one place to another place to access hard-to-reach places.

How to Use a Mobile Tower Scaffolding Safely?

There are guidelines that you should follow when using mobile tower scaffolding to ensure safe potential working conditions.

  • Before you start working using a mobile tower scaffold, make sure to follow a proper risk assessment.
  • Make sure to check tower components at suitable time intervals.
  • Don’t forget to properly secure the wheels when mounting a mobile tower. Therefore, make sure to lock the wheels before start working.
  • Don’t overload the tower beyond its mentioned weight limit as it can increase the risk of collapse. Extra caution needs to be taken into account when using it.
  • It is the most commonly used in construction, so it is important to inspect it frequently before use and follow instructions when using it.

The blog outlines the importance and benefits of using tower scaffolding in construction sites along with safety tips when using it. Moreover, if you are looking to find high-quality tower scaffolding for your job, then you can consider choosing a mobile tower manufactured at a Scaffolding house. We are well-known for manufacturing the best quality, highly durable and safe scaffolds.

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