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Scaffolding Clamps Types

Scaffolding Clamps TypesScaffolding clamps are the most common elements of scaffolding used in attaching frames for setting up the structure. They work by creating a straight line to make sure that the other elements of the scaffolding are held safely in place for structural stability. Read this blog to learn everything about scaffolding clamps.

What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used to provide support for workers and materials during the construction, repair, or maintenance of buildings and other structures. Scaffolds are usually constructed aluminium or steel.

There are various types of scaffolding clamps, including putlog clamps, sleeve clamps, and beam clamps, to name a few. Putlog clamps are used to connect scaffolding to the sides of buildings. Sleeve clamps are used to connect two pieces of scaffolding together, while beam clamps are used to attach scaffolding to beams or other supports.

Scaffolding clamps play an important role in any scaffolding system, as they provide stability and rigidity to the structure. Without these clamps, scaffolding may become unstable and collapse, potentially causing injury.

What are Scaffolding Clamps?

Scaffolding clamps are used to attach scaffolding tubes together, creating a strong and stable framework for workers to perform different tasks at heights. These products provide integrity and strength to the overall scaffolding structure, ensuring the safety of workers and the successful completion of construction projects.

What are Different Scaffolding Clamps Types?

There are various types of scaffolding clamps available at Scaffolding House. The following are the most common types of scaffolding clamps:

  • Frame Clamps

These frames are used to hold the objects in place, making them durable and strong. They also have a grip tape surface that helps you grab the workpiece securely.

  • J-Clamps

These types of clamps are used to fit in between two workpieces of metal or wood creating an adjustable clamping force that can grab large workpieces securely.

  • Putlog Couplers

Putlog couplers, also called single couplers are used to secure scaffold tubes to walls. They are commonly used in facade works. These types of clamps are appropriate for scaffolds used in light-duty activities.

  • Tubular Clamps

As the name suggests, these scaffolding clamps have a tubular design that makes them easy to use and grip. They are also easy to transport and lightweight, making them suitable for use in narrow spaces.

  • Sleeve Couplers

Sleeve couplers are used to attach two tubes end-to-end. They offer a secure connection, ensuring stability in long spans of scaffolding.

  • Beam Couplers

Beam couplers are designed to attach scaffold tubes to steel beams. They offer a reliable and secure connection, enabling scaffolding to be built alongside spaces where a strong anchor point is needed.

  • Rapid Clamp for Shuttering

Rapid clamps are used to attach fillers and panels and remove the need for wrenches, sockets or any other tools usually required for other forming systems. There are various rapid clamp uses, so make sure to buy a rapid clamp of the best quality.

Features of the Best Scaffolding Clamps or Couplers

Knowing the qualities of buying the best scaffolding clamps or couplers will help you know whether the one that you have bought can meet your requirements.

  • High-Quality

With numerous scaffolding products, determining the best quality can be challenging. However, when you reach Scaffolding House for scaffolding products, you can be sure that the products will be of high quality.

  • Different Sizes are Available

When you look for any scaffolding products at Scaffolding House, you can expect different sizes for each item. We offer different sizes of clamps and couplers that you can choose from for your construction work.

  • Sturdy and Durable Construction

When you contact Scaffolding House, which is one of the best scaffolding manufacturers in India, you can be sure that scaffolding accessories, including scaffolding clamps or couplers, are of high quality. Most of our clamps are made from steel, which is the toughest material.


From this blog, you came to know how many types of scaffolding clamps along with features you can expect from clamps that are manufactured at Scaffolding House. Moreover, if you are interested in buying scaffolding and formwork accessories for your construction work, then you can reach us.

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